Since 2013 naVitalo specialised in food products for particular dietary needs.

All of our products are based on organically farmed rice. The little grain is a naturally free of gluten, fructose, lactose and saccharose. Therefore it is hypoallergenic and perfect for people with food allergies.

Our aspiration is to provide those people with a balanced and delightful nutrition without the use of any artificial ingredients. naVitalo is not only a great supplement in case of intolerances, but also ideal for the vegan diet. None of our products contain animal products and are produced ecologically sustainable and animal-friendly.

The range of Rice Milk varies from seven different flavours and is a tasty alternative for regular cow milk, both suitable for allergy suffers and vegans. For those who refrain from normal sugar (saccharose) we offer natural sweeteners such as rice sirup and cereal sweet powder. Due to their multiple sugars (oligosaccharides), they prevent a rapid increase of blood sugar which is a lot more healthy for the human body.

naVitalo Rice Sirup is also a great vegan alternative to regular bee honey – one of the oldest sweeteners with a butterscotch-like taste. If you want to create delicious pastries and desserts or simply want to sweeten up your tea and coffee, we recommend our cereal sweet powder. Its form is easily usable just like regular sugar.

All of our products are a 100% naturally produced. We carefully pick only the best ingredients that underlie a strict organic certification. And not only that, we also place high value on sustainable processing and transport of all products. Every step has to be absolutely ecoconscious and easy on resources.

Long-ranging and fair collaborations with certified manufacturers guarantee the best quality possible. Every single producer and supplier is well-observed by certified boards of control on a regular basis. All of our partners – from farming until storage – are controlled according to the EU Eco Regulation.

We strive to build this longterm trust with our customers by providing only the best products possible. On our website you will find detailed information for each product, including ingredients and origin as well as nutritional and allergy facts.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message on Facebook or an eMail.


your naVitalo-team.