High quality organic food

“Organic”, a label found on products more frequently these days. But what really means high quality in organic food? We have decided that it is mostly about the ingredients and how they are handled.

That means we only work with fair trade, organic farmers and refrain from any unnatural additives in our products.

We believe that food which is as natural and unhandled as possible, is the most beneficial to our body.

The elemental power of superfoods like coconuts, almonds or marine algae impart our Rice Drinks with that certain something.

All of the processing is done very carefully to not overheat or chemically treat any of the contents.

This is the only way to ensure that a natural ingredient becomes a healthy product.

Quality controls

The foundation for our supplier selection is GfRS, our local evaluation and certification body.

Their auditors let us know, which suppliers are working regionally, eco-friendly and fair.

Organic certifications of the EU Eco regulation or the registration in the Directory of Certified Organic Operators (BioC) are self-evident. They eliminate the use of any genetic treatment such as  artificial fertilizer. This is important to save our resources and handle our farmland considerately.


To even raise this standard a little bit more, we decided to do our own checkups regularly.

We like to meet our partners personally and inspect the conditions of cultivation, transport and processing.

Transparent declaration

Since naVitalo is made for people with special dietary needs, we put not only nutritional facts in our product information, but also provide important allergy and dietary advice. On our product pages you can also read about in what ways our ingredients are handled and how they become naVitalo Rice Milks or sweeteners.

So nobody has to go without the relish of great, healthy food – even with intolerances.

Vegan certified

naVitalo represents a plant-based lifestyle that complies with the principles of ecological and ethical food production. It implies that no animals are harmed during the entire production process and none of our products contain ingredients of an animal origin. Our products are certified as vegan by the Vegetarian Federation Germany e.V. (ProVeg / VEBU) and will be labeled with the V-label in the future. A reliable label, which ensures transparency and is recognizable at a glance.